• Notice: TruGreen will be here August 4th to apply fertilizer and weed control on all Sports Fields
  • Annual Asbestos Hazard Notification
    Millington Community Schools are required by 40 CFR 763.80 to have asbestos management plan for each of our buildings within the school district. This is known as AHERA and our buildings have been inspected as required and the plans were submitted to the Dept. of Public Health, Asbestos Division.

    One (1) copy of the plan is on file in the office of the Maintenance Supervisor at the Maintenance Office. These plans are available for review by any person that has an interest in such, during normal business hours. Personal copies of the plan will be duplicated within seven business days at the cost of (15) cents per page. Please Contact: James Simmons at (989) 660.2428.

  • Notice of Herbicide
    Notice of use of the herbicide (Round Up) will be sprayed occasionally along fence lines and around school buildings to control weeds