Bruce Martin - Superintendent
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    It is my honor and privilege to serve as the Superintendent of the Millington Community Schools at this moment in our community’s rich heritage. I consider myself blessed to lead such an exciting organization and am anxious to add another chapter to the story of my life.

    Stories are the oldest form of communication, as families pass stories from generation to generation as a means to carry on the heritage and legacy of their history. New brain research from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education speaks to the power of the human story. Daniel Wilson, Senior Researcher at Harvard's Project Zero, recently completed a study of the most effective forms of instruction that lead to the highest levels of comprehension and achievement in students. One might think that lectures, discourse, worksheets (I'm kidding, of course!), or videos would rate the highest. It is, in fact, the teacher and other students telling stories that created the highest levels of learning or understanding.

    I must confess that amongst my family and friends, I am teased for telling long, drawn-out stories. I also love hearing the stories of others and find myself learning a great deal if I truly listen.

    But enough about me. What's your story? The story of your childhood. The story of your family. The story of how your family helped to shape your childhood. What are your hopes. Your dreams. Your future plans. If someone sat down with you and asked you to tell them your story, what would you say?

    Your story would certainly involve your years in school, right? Your classes, your friendships, your proudest moments, your scary times, your worst embarrassing situations, your grades, your trips to the principals' office . . . it all forms your story. And each of us have a different story to tell. And our stories will continue to grow, flourish, shift, and unfold.

    Will we tackle an impossible challenge? Or will we sit back, play it safe, and watch life pass us by? Will we set goals that are beyond ourselves – those that can only be accomplished through hard work, grit, and determination? Do our families and friends encourage us to reach for the stars or do they caution us to play it safe and take the easiest path?

    So I ask you, what is your story? What are your hopes and dreams for your story that lies ahead? What mental and emotional monuments stand in your life as memories for you to pass along to your children and grandchildren someday?

    I pray that your story will be one of excitement, of stretching beyond anything you could ever accomplish on your own, of taking a deep breath and saying "yes" to an amazing opportunity, of befriending someone who needs you in their life but might cause others to wonder why you are friends with them. I hope that your story will be one full of wise choices, but a story that will take courage and strength and confidence.

    The Millington Community Schools has a story of its own. It is a story told in its classrooms, of course, but also in its hallways, in the gymnasiums, on the practice fields, in the cafeteria, and offices. It is a story full of rich academic opportunities, thought-provoking fine arts experiences, adrenaline-rushed athletic contests, and quiet moments of reflection and learning. It is told by students who go out into society and change the world. It is told by graduates who love Millington so much that they choose to stay here and raise the next generation of Cardinals.

    If you already live here and understand what I’m describing, I urge you to tell your story to those who will listen, but also to listen to the stories around you. If you are considering joining the Millington family, I invite you to come write your story with us . . . a story that only you can tell!